In Türkiye, one of the major determinants of social, economic, cultural and political life is the location of the country on the world map. The country is located at the point where Asia and the European mainland meet and is unique as of this location. Türkiye is located at the intersection of the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East and the Mediterranean basin. As a result of this location, for example, it is possible to fly to all of the following countries from Istanbul in periods below 4 hours: Finland, Morocco, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russia, Turkmenistan, England. It is important to note that Turkish Airlines is the airline with having direct flights to world's most destinations !

Meeting Point of Europe and Asia

Türkiye is quite large in terms of surface area. Actually, Türkiye is the largest country on the European continent entire area. The distance between the east and west ends of the country is more than 2000 kilometers. A large part of the territory of Türkiye is located on the Asian continent and is called Anatolia/Asia Minor. The relatively small section on the European continent is called Thrace. Anatolia and Thrace lands close to each other in the straits of Çanakkale and İstanbul. These two continents are connected by road through 3 bridges in Istanbul. If you think you are a good swimmer, you can join and have a unique experience. Intercontinental Swimming Race held annually by National Olympic Committee of Türkiye.

Türkiye is bordered by Black Sea to its north, Georgia and Armenia to its northeast, Azerbaijan and Iran to its east, Iraq and Syria to its southeast, Mediterranean and Aegean Sea to its south and southwest, Greece and Bulgaria to its northwest. In this respect, Türkiye is located on a rectangular peninsula, as it is seen on the map.